Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I contact Helping Hands?

A: Our CEO Matthew Permuth always says, “If you have to ask the question you usually know the answer.” We recommend that our clients take a proactive approach when it comes being informed when it comes to  a decision to move to an Independent or Assisted Living Facility.  Most seniors aren’t familiar with the different levels of care associated with ALF’s, Memory Cares, Skilled Nursing Facilities etc and a quick conversation can help layout the entire range of living options available.  Our expertise can really come in handy when there are concerns over safety. It is important that you reach out to us if your senior is in the hospital or rehabilitation facility so that we help you navigate the immediate next health care and housing steps that are available.

Q:How much does this service cost?


A: The service is free to the end user because we are paid only when we help you make a decision about your senior’s living location and we are paid by the location you choose.

After an interview we work to narrow down options for the senior based upon their care needs, desired location, personality, and budget. This reduces the workload and stress on the senior and family during a time they are already overwhelmed. I then present those options to the family and personally guide them through the process of determining which community will be the best fit for their loved one.



Q: How can we help you or your loved one?
A: Our care team takes a multi-pronged approach to guiding you through the process of finding the best senior living option for you or your family with an effective personalized process:


1. In-Depth Assessment of Your Needs

Discuss your needs (in-person or by phone) to learn how we can best serve you.

2. Thoughtful Analysis & Recommendations

Provide a customized plan to match your particular needs.

3. Assistance with Selection Process

Hands-on help and guidance as you review services and amenities, and tour care options.

4. Transition Support

Caring support to make the move smooth and worry free, as well as follow up support to make sure that your expectations are being met by the community or home.





Q: Why would I want to talk to Helping Hands regarding my assisted living search?


A: Helping Hands representatives are trained to make customer satisfaction their #1 goal. Reaching out to Helping Hands will help save the end user Time and Energy at no cost. Helping Hands representatives thoroughly understand the senior care options in your local area and help to ensure that the facilities that you are interested in can meet your specific and unique needs.




Q: What does Helping Hands do?


A: The team at helping Hands spends time at each of the communities and works with their Administrators and admission staff to understand how well the community serves its residents. Included in this process is an analysis of state inspections and performance, third party reviews, and an in-depth analysis of the day to day operations in each of the facilities.